Lenin-1, 1989
Current Affairs
The United States is the last capitalist power in a world gone Communist.
Divergence Point
1944; Roosevelt leaves Vice-President Wallace on the ticket instead of Truman, and the dedicated pro-Soviet Wallace becomes President after FDR’s death in office.

Major Civilizations

Orthodox (empire with satellite states), Western (multipolar), Chinese (empire with satellite states), Indic (empire).
Great Powers

Soviet Union (dictatorship, CR5), People’s Republic of China (dictatorship, CR6), United States (representative democracy, CR4), People’s Republic of India (representative democracy, CR5), Republic of Great Britain (oligarchy, CR4).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 7 (space, TL(7+1))
Mana Level No mana
Quantum 5
Infinity Class Z4
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

Henry Wallace succeeded President Roosevelt instead of Harry Truman, and was very passive towards the Soviets. Over the next few decades, Europe and most of Asia went communist. Subsequent presidents helped keep communism out of South America.

By 1989, the Cold War is still very much in effect, with the US as the last capitalist power in a world gone communist.