"Difficulty is E for Easy, A for Average, H for Hard, or VH for Very Hard.
Defaults marked with * either do not always apply or vary in special circumstances; see the entry in the main text.
Skills marked with † require specialization."

A Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Accounting IQ H IQ-6, Finance-4, Mathematics (Statistics)-5, Merchant-5 B174
Acrobatics DX H DX-6 B174
Acting IQ A IQ-5, Performance-2,

Public Speaking-5

Administration IQ A IQ-5, Merchant-3 B174
Aerobatics DX H DX-6 B174
Airshipman/TL IQ E IQ-4 B185
Alchemy/TL IQ VH None B174 B174
Animal HandlingIQ A IQ-5 B175
AnthropologyIQ H IQ-6, Paleontology (Paleoanthropology)-2, Sociology-3 B175
Aquabatics DX H DX-6 B174
Archaeology IQ H IQ-6 B176
Architecture/TL IQ A IQ-5, Engineer (Civil)-4 B176
Area KnowledgeIQ E IQ-4, Geography, (Regional)-3* B176
Armoury/TL† IQ A IQ-5, Engineer (same)-4 B178
Artillery/TL† IQ A IQ-5 B178
Artist IQ H IQ-6 B179
Astronomy/TL IQ H IQ-6 B179
Autohypnosis Will H Meditation-4 B179
Axe/Mace DX A Flail-4, Two-Handed Axe/Mace-3 B208

B Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Battlesuit/TL DX A DX-5, Diving Suit-4, NBC Suit-2, Vacc Suit-2 B192
Beam Weapons/TL† DX E DX-4 B179
Bicycling DX E DX-4, Driving (Motorcycle)-4 B180
BioengineeringTL† IQ H Biology-5 B180
Biology/TL† IQ VH IQ-6, Naturalist-6 B180
Blind Fighting Per VH None B180
Blowpipe DX H DX-6 B180
Boating/TL† DX A DX-5, IQ-5 B180
Body Control HT VH None B181
Body Language Per A Detect Lies-4, Psychology-4 B181
Body Sense DX H DX-6, Acrobatics-3 B181
Bolas DX A None B182
Bow DX A DX-5 B182
Boxing DX A None B182
Brain Hacking/TL IQ H Special B182
Brainwashing/TL IQ H Special B182
Brawling DX E None B182
Breaking Blow IQ H None B182
Breath Control HT H None B182
Broadsword DX A Force Sword-4, Rapier-4, Saber-4, Shortsword-2, Two-Handed Sword-4 B208

C Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Camouflage IQ E IQ-4, Survival-2 B183
Captivate Will H None B191
Carousing HT E HT-4 B183
Carpentry IQ E IQ-4 B183
Cartography/TL IQ A IQ-5, Geography (any)-2, Mathematics (Surveying)-2, Navigation (any)-4 B183
Chemistry/TL IQ H IQ-6, Alchemy-3 B183
Climbing DX A DX-5 B183
Cloak DX A DX-5, Net-4, Shield (any)-4 B184
Combat Art or Sport DX Varies Special B184
Computer Hacking/TL IQ VH None B184
Computer Operation/TL IQ E IQ-4 B184
Computer Programming/TL IQ H None B184
ConnoisseurIQ A IQ-5* B185
Cooking IQ A IQ-5, Housekeeping-5 B185
Counterfeiting/TL IQ H IQ-6, Forgery-2 B185
Crewman/TL IQ E IQ-4 B185
Criminology/TL IQ A IQ-5, Psychology-4 B186
Crossbow DX E DX-4 B186
Cryptography/TL IQ H Mathematics (Cryptology)-5 B186
Current Affairs/TL† IQ E IQ-4, Research-4 B186

D Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Dancing DX A DX-5 B187
Detect Lies Per H Per-6, Body Language-4, Psychology-4 B187
Diagnosis/TL IQ H IQ-6, First Aid-8, Physician-4, Veterinary-5 B187
Diplomacy IQ H IQ-6, Politics-6 B187
Disguise/TL† IQ A IQ-5, Makeup-3 B187
Diving Suit/TL DX A DX-5, Battlesuit-4, NBC Suit-4, Scuba-2, Vacc Suit-4 B192
Dreaming Will H Will-6 B188
Driving/TL† DX A DX-5, IQ-5 B188
Dropping DX A DX-3, Throwing-4 B189

E Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Economics IQ H IQ-6, Finance-3, Market Analysis-5, Merchant-6 B189
Electrician/TL IQ A IQ-5, Engineer (Electrical)-3 B189
Electronics Operation/TL† IQ A IQ-5, Engineer (Electrical)-3 IQ-5, Electronics Repair (same)-5, Engineer (Electronics)-5 B189
Electronics Repair/TL† IQ A IQ-5, Electronics Operation (same)-3, Engineer (Electronics)-3 B190
Engineer/TL† IQ H Special B190
Enthrallment Will H None B191
Environment Suit/TL DX A DX-5* B192
Erotic Art DX A DX-5, Acrobatics-5 B192
Escape DX H DX-6 B192
Esoteric Medicine Per H Per-6 B192
Exorcism Will H Will-6, Religious Ritual (any)-3, Ritual Magic (any)-3, Theology (any)-3 B193
Expert SkillIQ H None B193
Explosives/TL† IQ A IQ-5* B194

F Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Falconry IQ A IQ-5, Animal Handling (Raptors)-3 B194
Farming/TL IQ A IQ-5, Biology-5, Gardening-3 B194
Fast DrawDX E None B194
Fast-Talk IQ A IQ-5, Acting-5 B195
Filch DX A DX-5, Pickpocket-4, Sleight of Hand-4 B195
Finance IQ H Accounting-4, Economics-3, Merchant-6 B195
Fire Eating DX A None B195
First Aid/TL IQ E IQ-4, Esoteric Medicine, Physician, Veterinary-4 B195
Fishing Per E Per-4 B195
Flail DX H Axe/Mace-4, Two-Handed Flail-3 B208
Flight HT A HT-5 B195
Flying Leap IQ H None B196
Force Sword DX A Any Sword-3 B208
Force Whip DX A Kusari-3, Monowire Whip-3, Whip-3 B209
Forced Entry DX E None B196
Forensics/TL IQ H IQ-6, Criminology-4 B196
Forgery/TL IQ H IQ-6, Counterfeiting-2 B196
Fortune TellingIQ A IQ-5, Fast-Talk-3, Occultism-3 B196
Forward Observer/TL IQ A IQ-5, Artillery (any)-5* B196
Free Fall DX A DX-5, HT-5 B197
Freight Handling/TL IQ A IQ-5 B197

G Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Gambling IQ A IQ-5, Mathematics (Statistics)-5 B197
GamesIQ E IQ-4 B197
Gardening IQ E IQ-4, Farming-3 B197
Garrote DX E DX-4 B197
Geography/TL† IQ H IQ-6* B198
Geology/TL† IQ H IQ-6, Geography (Physical)-4, Prospecting-5 B198
Gesture IQ E IQ-4 B198
Group PerformanceIQ A IQ-5* B198
Gunner/TL† DX E DX-4 B198
Guns/TL† DX E DX-4 B198

H Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Hazardous Materials/TL† IQ A IQ-5 B199
Heraldry IQ A IQ-5, Savoir-Faire (High Society)-3 B199
Herb Lore/TL IQ VH None B199
Hidden LoreIQ A None B199
Hiking HT A HT-5 B200
HistoryIQ H IQ-6 B200
Hobby Skill DX or IQ E DX-4 or IQ-4 B200
Holdout IQ A IQ-5, Sleight of Hand-3 B200
Housekeeping IQ E IQ-4 B200
Hypnotism IQ H None B201

I Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Immovable Stance DX H None B201
Innate AttackDX E DX-4 B201
Intelligence Analysis IQ H IQ-6, Strategy (any)-6 B201
Interrogation IQ A IQ-5, Intimidation-3, Psychology-4 B202
Intimidation Will A Will-5, Acting-3 B202
Invisibility Art IQ VH None B202

J Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Jeweler/TL IQ H IQ-6, Smith (Copper)-4, Smith (Lead and Tin)-4 B203
Jitte/Sai DX A Force Sword-4, Main-Gauche-4, Shortsword-3 B208
Judo DX H None B203
Jumping DX E None B203

K Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Karate DX H None B203
Kiai HT H None B203
Knife DX E Force Sword-3, Main-Gauche-3, Shortsword-3 B208
Knot-Tying DX E DX-4, Climbing-4, Seamanship-4 B203
Kusari DX H Force Whip-3, Monowire Whip-3, Two-Handed Flail-4, Whip-3 B203

L Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Lance DX A DX-5, Spear-3 B204
Lasso DX A None B204
LawIQ H IQ-6 B204
Leadership IQ A IQ-5 B204
Leatherworking DX E DX-4 B205
Lifting HT A None B205
Light Walk DX H None B205
Linguistics IQ H None B205
Lip Reading Per A Per-10 B205
Liquid Projector/TL† DX E DX-4 B205
Literature IQ H IQ-6 B205
Lockpicking/TL IQ A IQ-5 B206

M Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Machinist/TL IQ A IQ-5, Mechanic (any)-5 B206
Main-Gauche DX A Jitte/Sai-4, Knife-4, Rapier-3, Saber-3, Smallsword-3 B208
Makeup/TL IQ E IQ-4, Disguise-2 B206
Market Analysis IQ H IQ-6, Economics-5, Merchant-4 B207
Masonry IQ E IQ-4 B207
Mathematics/TL† IQ H IQ-6* B207
Mechanic/TL† IQ A IQ-5, Engineer (same)-4, Machinist-5 B207
Meditation Will H Will-6, Autohypnosis-4 B207
Melee Weapon DX Varies Special B208
Mental Strength Will E None B209
Merchant IQ A IQ-5, Finance-6, Market Analysis-4 B209
Metallurgy/TL IQ H Chemistry-5, Jeweler-8, Smith (any)-8 B209
Meteorology/TL† IQ A IQ-5 B209
MimicryIQ H IQ-6* B210
Mind Block Will A Will-5, Meditation-5 B210
Monowire Whip DX H Force Whip-3, Kusari-3, Whip-3 209
Mount DX A DX-5 B210
Musical Composition IQ H Musical Instrument-2, Poetry-2 (for song) B210
Musical Influence IQ VH None B210
Musical InstrumentIQ H Special B211

N Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Naturalist IQ H IQ-6, Biology-3 B211
Navigation/TL† IQ A Special B211
NBC Suit/TL DX A Battlesuit-2, Diving Suit-4, Vacc Suit-2 B192
Net DX H Cloak-5 B211

O Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Observation Per A Per-5, Shadowing-5 B211
Occultism IQ A IQ-5 B212

P Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Packing IQ A IQ-5, Animal Handling (Equines)-5 B212
Paleontology/TL† IQ H Biology-4* B212
Panhandling IQ E IQ-4, Fast Talk-2, Public Speaking-3 B212
Parachuting/TL DX E DX-4 B212
Parry Missile Weapons DX H None B212
Performance IQ A IQ-5, Acting-2, Public Speaking-2 B212
Persuade Will H None B191
Pharmacy/TL† IQ H IQ-6* B213
PhilosophyIQ H IQ-6 B213
Photography/TL IQ A IQ-5, Electronics Operation (Media)-5 B213
Physician/TL IQ H IQ-7, First Aid-11, Veterinary-5 B213
Physics/TL IQ VH IQ-6 B213
Physiology/TL† IQ H IQ-6, Diagnosis-5, Physician-5, Surgery-5 B213
Pickpocket DX H DX-6, Filch-5, Sleight of Hand-4 B213
Piloting/TL† DX A IQ-6 B214
Poetry IQ A IQ-5, Writing-5 B214
Poisons/TL IQ H IQ-6, Chemistry-5, Pharmacy (any)-3, Physician-3 B214
Polearm DX A Spear-4, Staff-4, Two-Handed Axe/Mace-4 B208
Politics IQ A IQ-5, Diplomacy-5 B215
Power Blow Will H None B215
Pressure Points IQ H None B215
Pressure Secrets IQ VH None B215
Professional Skill DX or IQ A Special B215
Propaganda/TL IQ A IQ-5, Merchant-5, Psychology-4 B216
Prospecting/TL IQ A IQ-5, Geology (any)-4 B216
Psychology IQ H IQ-6, Sociology-4 B216
Public Speaking IQ A IQ-5, Acting-5, Performance-2, Politics-5 B216
Push DX H None B216

R Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Rapier DX A Broadsword-4, Main-Gauche-3, Saber-3, Smallsword-3 B208
Religious RitualIQ H Ritual Magic (same)-6, Theology (same)-4 B217
Research/TL IQ A IQ-5, Writing-3 B217
RidingDX A DX-5, Animal Handling, Riding (same)-3 B217
Ritual MagicIQ VH Religious Ritual (same)-6 B218
Running HT A HT-5 B218

S Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Saber DX A Broadsword-4, Main-Gauche-3, Rapier-3, Shortsword-4, Smallsword-3 B208
Savoire-FaireIQ E IQ-4* B218
Scrounging Per E Per-4 B218
Scuba/TL IQ A IQ-5, Diving Suit-2 B219
Seamanship/TL IQ E IQ-4 B185
Search Per A Per-5, Criminology-5 B219
Sewing/TL DX E DX-4 B219
Sex Appeal HT A HT-3 B219
Shadowing IQ A IQ-5, Observation-5, Stealth-4 (on foot only) B219
ShieldDX E DX-4 B220
Shiphandling/TL† IQ H IQ-6* B220
Shortsword DX A Broadsword-2, Force Sword-4, Jitte/Sai-3, Knife-4, Saber-4, Smallsword-4, Tonfa-3 B209
Singing HT E HT-4 B220
Skating HT H HT-6 B220
Skiing HT H HT-6 B221
Sleight of Hand DX H Filch-5 B221
Sling DX H DX-6 B221
Smallsword DX A Main-Gauche-3, Rapier-3, Saber-3, Shortsword-4 B208
Smith/TL† IQ A IQ-5* B221
Smuggling IQ A IQ-5 B221
Sociology IQ H IQ-6, Anthropology-3, Psychology-4 B221
Soldier/TL IQ A IQ-5 B221
Spacer/TL IQ E IQ-4 B185
Spear DX A Polearm-4, Staff-2 B208
Spear Thrower DX A DX-5, Thrown Weapon (Spear)-4 B222
Speed-Reading IQ A None B222
Sports DX A Special B222
Staff DX A Polearm-4, Spear-2 B208
Stage Combat DX A Combat Art or Sport-2, an actual combat skill-3, Performance-3 B222
Stealth DX A DX-5, IQ-5 B222
StrategyIQ H IQ-6, Intelligence Analysis-6, Tactics-6 B222
Streetwise IQ A IQ-5 B223
Submarine/TL† DX A IQ-6 B223
Submariner IQ E IQ-4 B185
Suggest Will H None B191
Sumo Wresting DX A None B223
Surgery/TL IQ VH First Aid-12, Physician-5, Physiology-8, Veterinary-5 B223
SurvivalPer A Per-5, Naturalist (same planet)-3 B223
Sway Emotions Will H None B192
Swimming HT E HT-4 B224
Symbol DrawingIQ H Special B224

T Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Tactics IQ H IQ-6, Strategy (any)-6 B224
Teaching IQ A IQ-5 B224
TeamsterIQ A Animal Handling (same)-4, Riding (same)-2 B225
Thaumatology IQ VH IQ-7 (magical settings only) B225
TheologyIQ H IQ-6, Religious Ritual (same)-4 B226
Throwing DX A DX-3, Dropping-4 B226
Throwing Art DX H None B226
Thrown WeaponDX E DX-4* B226
Tonfa DX A Shortsword-3 B209
Tracking Per A Per-5, Naturalist-5 B226
Traps/TL IQ A IQ-5, Lockpicking-3 B226
Two-Handed Axe/Mace DX A Axe/Mace-3, Polearm-4, Two-Handed Flail-4 B208
Two-Handed Flail DX H Flail-3, Kusari-4, Two-Handed Axe/Mace-4 B208
Two-Handed Sword DX A Broadsword-4, Force Sword-4 B209
Typing DX E DX-4, any skill requiring typing-3 B228

U Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Urban Survival Per A Per-5 B228

V Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Vacc Suit/TL DX A DX-5, Battlesuit-2, Diving Suit-4, NBC Suit-2 B192
Ventriloquism IQ H None B228
Veterinary/TL IQ H Animal Handling (any)-6, Physician-5, Surgery-5 B228

W Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Weather Sense IQ A IQ-5 B209
Weird Science IQ VH None B228
Whip DX A Force Whip-3, Kusari-3, Monowire Whip-3 B209
Wrestling DX A None B228
Writing IQ A IQ-5 B228

Z Edit

Skill Attr Diff Defaults Page
Zen Archery IQ VH None B228

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