Lord Beresford's Travellers Campaign 1: South AmericaEdit

The players’ first expedition for Lord Beresford was to South America, in search of the fabled city of El Dorado. They were following a treasure map in a journal seized by the pirate Henry Morgan from a rival. The map was eventually inherited by Morgan’s descendant, the Birmingham industrialist who built the Travellers. It started badly when their steamship to the Americas turned out to have an infestation of goblins and a Troll, giving the players an early introduction to the Faeries in the campaign.

They managed to follow the treasure map to where the original Conquistador expedition had to bury their loot and retrieved it, coping with ‘a little local difficulty’ along the way. They needed to be rescued from this situation by the black dirigible gunship of a Jesuit order, on-station because they were already aware of the growth of a cult based on the Inca religion.

They then continued along the route taken by the Spaniards towards the source of the gold. Naturally, this being an exploration into the Andes, there was no City of Gold, but the Lost World, complete with dinosaurs and a beautiful (human) princess in peril. The dinosaur artifacts they brought back (including a complete Tyrannosaur skeleton and hide and some live Composagnathus) pleased Lord Beresford enough that he was happy to send them out again.

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