Lucifer-5, 1938
Current Affairs
Bold German, American, and British airmen explore the planets in their atomic torch ships, as Imperial Japan and the other powers scramble for space.
Divergence Point
1908; Tunguska bolide levels St. Petersburg, Russia, leaving Germany supreme in Europe by default, and introducing a superscientific element to the dawn of the air age.

Major Civilizations

Western (multipolar), Japanese (empire)
Great Powers

German Empire (dictatorship, CR5), British Empire (representative democracy, CR4), United States (representative democracy, CR3, CR5 for blacks), Japanese Empire (dictatorship, CR5), Fascist Italy (dictatorship,CR5), France (representative democracy, CR4).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 6 (power and aerospace, TL6^)
Mana Level None on Earth, Low on Mars, Normal on Venus.
Quantum 6
Infinity Class R9
Centrum Zone Orange

The Tunguska event in 1908 hit St. Petersburg instead of the wilderness, killing the entire Russian royal family. Russia collapsed into anarchy, and Germany sent in peacekeepers and humanitarian workers. This is how German scientists in St. Petersburg discovered 'astronium' and 'petrinium', mysterious new elementselements brought with the meteorite. These elements allow scientists to make powerful bombs, create free energy, and even build torch-ships that allow space travel, especially after these elements were found in other meteor craters around the world.

It is now 1938. WWI never happened, and the new space industry shortcut the Great Depression. The US, Germany, Britain, and Japan have permanent space stations; Britain has colonised Mars, France is busy exploring the oceans of Venus, and the Italians are mining Mercury. All major powers have bases on the moon with mass drivers pointed at each other's capitals, thus preventing war from breaking out.