Magery is a supernatural mental Advantage where you are magically adept. It is required to learn/cast mana based spells in a low to normal mana area. The term for people with Magery is "mage"...even if they know no spells. The clerical equivalent is Power Investiture.

Levels of MageryEdit

Cost: 5 points for Magery 0, +10 points/level

Magery 0: You can make a sense roll when you first see a magic item, and again when you first touch it. The better the roll the more general information can gleamed from the item.

Magery 1+: Not only does this give a bonus to the Sense roll but it also makes it easier to learn spells. The level of magery adds to your IQ for learning spells: So a Magery 1 IQ 11 mage learns spells as if they were IQ 12. It also reduces learning time by 10% per level up to 40% reduction. Certain spells require a certain level of magery to learn.

Fractional Magery (1 point/level; max 5): This a special form of Magery (Path/Book) under the Limited Non-Mage Ceremonies rules.


Special EnchantmentsEdit

Special LimitationsEdit




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