B106 normally bypasses Damage Resistance

GURPS Psionic Powers 14 introduces DR enhancement to prevent this.

required to make Leech into Ranged for some unexplained reason, something to do with ignoring the requirement to grapple.

It normally has unlimited range but has a functional range limit due to cumulative skill penalties based on range.


GURPS Powers 100-101 says with Cone it does have a maximum range, when it reaches max width.


A Malediction affects substantial and insubstantial targets equally, whether the user is substantial or insubstantial. This makes Malediction especially suitable for divine, magical, psi, and spirit abilities. In some settings, it might only be available for abilities with supernatural power modifiers.


GURPS Thaumatology 199

Unless the GM rules otherwise, a Malediction can affect substantial and insubstantial targets equally, whether the user is substantial or insubstantial;


GURPS Psionic Powers 12 under Inanimate Objects and Resistance

If the ability is normally resisted by an attribute the object does not have, it resists with HT instead
the GM can assume that the psi automatically overcomes

the resistance of any inanimate object if his margin of success is 3 or higher

For large, Homogenous objects, this becomes 3+SM or higher

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Emanation never requires an attack roll. You only bother rolling if your attack is dependent upon your margin of success (e.g., it's a Malediction) -- and even then, if you fail the roll, you're still considered to have succeeded with a margin of 0. (This last rule is a general-case one for any situation where you're guaranteed success but must still roll to determine your margin of success.)

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