This class R4 reality matches the 14th-century traveler’s tales of Sir John Mandeville.

The year is thought to be 1336 based on readings done in the normal mana TL3 European nations outside the empire of Prester John and Cathay (China). Inside the very-high-mana TL4 “Empire of Prester John,” things are less clear as readings are all over the place.

"Prester John claims the allegiance of the thousand kingdoms in the Indies, as well, including Chana (where people worship the first thing they see in the morning), Natumera (an island of dog-headed folk), Pentoxere (home of the talking birds), and so forth. The Arimaspians (oneeyed men) live in the Mountains of the Moon in central Africa, and the Amazons have several matriarchies and cities on the fringes of Prester John’s empire and in the myriad islands between Europe and Japan. (There are no American continents, although both California and Brazil are large islands in roughly the same place as their Homeline counterparts.)"