Marchen-1, date unknown
Current Affairs
Peasants and aristocrats must deal with Imperial tax collectors, fairy godmothers, witches and philosophical alchemists.
Divergence Point
Massive reality quake or divergence in deep time.

Major Civilizations

Western (empire with rivals), Islamic (diffuse), Steppe (diffuse)
Great Powers
  • Solar Empire (dictatorship, CR3)
  • Domiciliary Republic (feudal oligarchy, CR3)
  • Golden Dukedoms (feudal dictatorships, CR2-4)
  • Woodland Dukedoms (feudal dictatorships, CR2-4)
  • White Kingdom (feudal dictatorship, CR2-4)
  • Sutherland sheikdoms (dictatorships, CR2-5)
  • Transgogian tribes (dictatorships, CR1-3)</td>
Worldline Data
Tech Level 4 to (4+1)
Mana Level low to normal
Quantum 3
Infinity Class Missing
Centrum Zone inaccessible

Pocket multiverse (ghost realm, fairy realms, Hell)
Magic, fairy powers
Path/book (effect shaping), alchemy

See also Edit

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