Named for the Norse land of fire, low mana Muspellheim had a huge, radioactive dinosaur destroy the 5th Fleet at Tarawa in November 1943.

Via pheromones and other means Unit 731 has managed to steer the dinosaur and other awakening daikaiju (Kaiju) toward the US Navy.

Then Hideki Yukawa’s F-go (Japan's atomic research program) using the reverse-engineered controls of a UFO secretly raised from Dong Hoa Bay in 1941 developed Japan’s first mecha which attacked the Panama Canal and bombed Los Angeles in October 1944.

At early 1945 Germany has held out against a weakened D-day and the Soviet Union hoping that Japan will share their mecha technology or at least attack the Soviet Union. However Japan seems more interested in attacking Australia and doing mecha raids in Africa.

The US mecha research remains at least two years from a prototype.

Engstrom's OSS has prevented two attempts to transfer mecha to Engstrom’s Japan.


  • Part of the Nine Worlds
  • The gate opens in the Red Cliffs of Madagascar.