B71 introduced it as something which worked against Psi. Page 97 of GURPS Powers broadened it as being able to target multiple power sources. The Basic Set ability was renamed Neutralize (Psi).

GURPS Psionic Powers page 20 lists this along with Mind Probe and Possession as touch-based maledictions and discusses that Ranged makes them function as Malediction 2 only costing 40 instead of 150.

PK quoteEdit

I did discuss Ranged with Sean, and the rule on p. 20 applies to all such advantages, not just psionic ones.
If you add Ranged to Neutralize (regardless of the power modifier or lack thereof), it acts as a ranged malediction.
If you want a "Neutralize Ray" that you shoot, can be dodged, and is resisted with a flat Will roll, add both Ranged and Weaponized.