Nostradamus, 1602
Current Affairs
Nazis from Reich-5 conquered Mesopotamia on this world where prophecy is a weapon; they use it as a base to strike deep into the continuum.
Divergence Point
1555; the seer Nostradamus somehow incorporates Words of Power into his prophecies, to the immediate benefit of Catherine de’ Medici of France.

Major Civilizations

Neubabalon (military dictatorship, CR5 for Nazis, CR6 for everyone else), Saint-Empire Romain (dictatorship, CR4), Ottoman Empire (dictatorship, CR5), Ming China (dictatorship, CR5), Safavid Persia (dictatorship, CR4).
Great Powers


Worldline Data
Tech Level 4 (Nazis, TL8)
Mana Level Normal
Quantum 3
Infinity Class Z1
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

Astrologer Nostradamus in 1555 discovered 'Words of Power', and could use prophecy to force the future to go certain ways. Queen Catherine de' Medici of France used this power to crush England in 1578, and, using imortality treatments devised by Nostradamus, still rules much of Europe now in 1602.

However, in 1599, the Raven Division from Reich-5 appeared, used their technology to huge advantage in the Middle East, and sent a Gestapo team to discover the source of Catherine's power. They retrieved copies of all Nostradamus' prophecies from their own world and started using them to conquer the Middle East, and eventually the world. However, there seems to be a dimensional gate to Merlin-1 in the Middle East, and its USA 'Spectral Ops' forces are interfering.