Orichalcum, 9590 BCE
Current Affairs
Atlantis and Athens square off for the favor of the gods and the mastery of the seas.
Divergence Point
10,400 BCE; the 10 sons of Poseidon found the kingdom of Atlantis. (The variant geography indicates another possible divergence point around 50 million years ago, but the Patrol would prefer to blame Poseidon’s magic rather than anomalous continental drift in this case.)

Major Civilizations

Atlantean (empire), Hellenic (empire with rivals), Egyptian (empire), Amazon-Hittite (multipolar).
Great Powers

Atlantis (feudal dictatorship, CR4), Athens (technocracy, CR6), Khem (theocracy, CR5), Themyscira (dictatorship, CR4), Troy (dictatorship, CR4).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 1-2 (some Atlantean tech, TL4)
Mana Level Normal
Quantum 6
Infinity Class R5
Centrum Zone Yellow

Atlantis exists in the Age of Heroes. AT74-90, B527, IW140-14