Ready is a kind of maneuver.


B369 mentions "A natural weapon (punch, kick, etc.) is always ready unless the body part in question is occupied or restrained"

The word "occupied" sounds pretty broad, could apply to kicks being unready if they're occupied with stepping/jumping, hands being occupied if they are in your pockets. See B383:

A weapon or other device is unready if in a holster, scabbard, pocket, belt, or pack; on the floor or a table; etc.

B401's "Knocking a Weapon Away" (disarm) presumably "occupies" a hand or foot, requiring a ready manevuer to get it back into place if the "disarm" technique works.

This is a nice alternative to Beat. Obviously while limbs can be knocked around they can't be dropped to the ground though.

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Weapons that become unready after attacking or parrying (such as axes, nunchakus, etc.) can be readied on the same turn by spending one attack and one parry.

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GURPS Martial Arts

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GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling page 12 discusses how a 'Ready' weapon simply means having control points of half or more the required ST to use the weapon.

It mentions a Ready maneuver (if unopposed) will always restore full Grip CP but that you can 'Attack' your own weapon with a grapple to restore control points on it instead.

This could be a superior option even for those who are unopposed if they had Extra Attack or other options (All-Out Attack Double, Rapid Strike) which allowed multiple acts per second, since Ready is always limited to 1.

However getting back control points isn't actually the same thing as re-reading a weapon.

Having your weapon unreadied also does not inherently lower your amount of control points on it is a misinterpretation

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Resolve it as a grapple of the weapon itself. I'd likely give a -2 to the attack if you're grabbing something with a smallish handle like a knife or sword handle. You might need a (free) change posture from standing to kneeling to reach a weapon on the floor. Technical Grappling has rules for how WELL that grip is established when you're struggling to do it, but all of that is made redundant by taking a Ready maneuver.

So, ultimately, in combat, you'll need to

1. Kneel (free) and make an attack to grapple the weapon by its grip

2. If using Technical Grappling and you roll well enough to establish sufficient Grip CP on your weapon to use it, then go right ahead. You're kneeling, but good to go.

3. If using the regular rules or if (2) doesn't get 'er done, take a Ready maneuver to make the weapon ready to use. Based on p. B364, you may Step and Ready while going from kneeling to standing.

otherEdit suggests extrapolating the On Target ruls for Aim to Readies/Evaluates

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