Reich-3, 1970
Current Affairs
Tensions between Germany and Japan are set asside until the last of the Anglo-Saxon powers can be humbled.
Divergence Point
1941; Japan strikes Russian Vladivostok rather than Pearl Harbor.

Major Civilizations

Western (multipolar), Orthodox (empire), Japanese (empire).
Great Powers

German Reich (dictatorship, CR4-5 for Germans, CR6 for subject races), United States (representative democracy, CR3), Japanese Empire (military oligarchy, CR4-5

Worldline Data
Tech Level 7 (no mention of nuclear weapons)
Mana Level unknown
Quantum 5
Infinity Class Z3[1]
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

Japan and Germany have divided Eurasia and most of South America is German-aligned (though Ecuador and Venezuela are Japanese clients, and Brazil is ostentatiously neutral).

Of the nations of the world only Canada and Mexico remain closely allied with the United States though the United States still wields influence in the Caribbean that Germany covets, and its continued possession of Hawaii is considered an affront by the Japanese.


  1. All the Reich realities get the "Z" classification