Reich-5 Map

Reich-5 World Map

Divergent point
Giuseppe Zangara kills Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. Alternating Democratic and Republican Administrations prevents the US from aiding England against Hitler and England falls. Due to the corruption and cooperation of the Pelley Administration, America is reduced to a client state of Germany shortly before German troops smash Canada to officially end the war.
German and Japanese powers keep their spheres of influence separate, peaceful co-existence is maintained. German Aerospace tech may be the best military air and spacecraft Homeline has seen and Japan's bio research is equally advanced.
The Secret
Known and Not Known. A small faction of Himmlerian mystics and pseudoscientists know about Homeline's existence and have the genes of a dead psionic Homeline Jumper to clone. They've done remarkably fast travel through a number of Dimensions via an interdimensional road they call the Chronobahn.
Key worlds they have encountered
Nostradamus, a world where Nostradamus' quatrains can be used to cast magic spells. Conquered by the Nazis.
Friedrich, the holiest of holy grails for the Nazi mystics. A world where Barbarossa succeeded and created a unified German Nation. They are working to better arm these people and recruiting soldiers to aid in their other activities. Homeline knows this and is quite worried.
Merlin-1. Homeline knows nothing about this. They would be utterly terrified if they knew. Eva Peron, the Killer Penguins and Reich 5 Nazis are negotiating and planning to jointly use Technomancer Magic, Penguin Psionics and Nazi Technology to both bring the rest of this planet to heel and jointly explore and exploit the multiverse.
Red Moon. Neither Homeline or Centrum know of the presence of Reich-5. Homeline would be more terrified then with regards to Merlin-1 as it would shows that Reich-5 can access other quanta besides its native 3 (Red Moon is in quanta 5).
TT91, AE34-51, IW57-67, B543