Cost: varies

Reputation can be an advantage (bonus) or disadvantage (penalty). It effects reactions to your character based who on what people have heard about you as a person.

By contrast Social Stigma and Social Regard are reactions based on what you are rather then who you are.

Reputation has four components:

  • Details
  • Reaction Modifier: +-5/level; maximum of -4/+4
  • People Affected
  • Nearly Everyone - x1
  • Nearly Everyone except for one large group or class - x2/3 (round down).
  • A large group or class - x1/2 (round down)
  • A small group or class - x1/3 (round down)
  • Frequency of Recognition
  • All the time: x1.
  • Sometimes (roll of 10 or less): x1/2 (round down).
  • Occasionally (roll of 7 or less): x1/3 (round down).

It is possible to have more than one reputation, and reputations overlap. The total of these combinations cannot go below -4 or above +4.

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