Resistant is a physical advantage, described in Basic Set, p. 80, and referenced in GURPS Powers, pp. 71, 108, 167 & 169. There is an FAQ entry regarding Immunity to Metabolic Hazards and Temperature Tolerance here.

Immune or Immunity is the highest level that the Resistant advantage can be taken at, and so the Resistant advantage is often referred to as Immunity. For example, the Immunity to Metabolic Hazards advantage (above) is actually described under the Resistant entry in Basic Set.


GURPS Powers, p. 71, discusses the relation between Resistant and power sources, while on p. 108, Resistant is mentioned as an advantage that can take the Force Field enhancement. On p. 167, it is mentioned in the Defending with Powers section, and in the Resisting Abilities section on p. 169:

It’s possible to buy Resistant against all resistible abilities of a given power, focus, or source


GURPS PowersEdit

  • 169 Resistant (Poison)

GURPS Martial ArtsEdit

47 mentions "Resistant to Chi Abilities" would be a "Very Common" category which anyone could enjoy at +3 but should have Trained by a Master for +8, while these would individually be Rare:

  • Resistant to Hyponotic Hands
  • Resistant to Invisibility Art
  • Resistant to Pressure Points
  • Resistant to Hand of Death attacks
  • Resistant to Neck Injury (chokes and Neck Snap)

GURPS HorrorEdit

mentions coitophobia makes you immune to seduction

Demons have "Immunity to Mind-Affecting Magic [30]"

Kromm QuotesEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Resistant and Immune in the following posts to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On resistance to "no resistance roll" effects, such as cyanide [1]
  • On the difference between an attack not affecting something, and an immune defender [2]
  • On how Resistance to All Influence Skills is equivalent to Indomitable for 15pts, allowing +3/+8 levels to be determined [3]
  • Immunity to Unconsciousness is worth 30 points [4] which would make it a "Very Common" hazard. So +8 would be 15 and +3 would be 10.
    • "I'd split that further into refined (Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, and Savoir-Faire) vs. unrefined (Intimidation, Sex Appeal, and Streetwise), each with Immunity [10], Resistant (+8) [5], and Resistant (+3) [3]."
      • "An individual skill would have Immunity [5], Resistant (+8) [2], and Resistant (+3) [1]."
        • immunity to seduction is included in coitophobia!
  • on Static being identical to immunity in 2014 [1]:
Static (Power Source) [30] (Powers, p. 98) is identical to Immunity to Power Source [30] (p. B81); it's just that Static has some special verbiage for powers and allows some special modifiers.

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