Rome-6 (Roma Arcana)
248 AD (AUC 1011)
Current Affairs
In a world that the Infinity Patrol thinks might be an echo of the Cabal's home timeline, Rome is in danger from both foreign warriors and its own unhappy gods (whom the Romans are neglecting).
Divergence Point
439 BC: The Greek philosopher Empedocles leads a party through a hidden gateway in the caves under Mt. Etna; Empedocles does not survive this trip to the Underworld, but his men return with dinosaurs.

Major Civilizations

Great Powers
  • Rome (empire)
  • Parthian Empire (empire)
  • Germania Minoris (tribal)
Worldline Data
Tech Level 2
Mana Level normal (low in cities), spells require Pacts with local spirits
Quantum 7
Infinity Class "off-limits"
Centrum Zone undiscovered (?)

See Chapter Nine of GURPS Fantasy for details.

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