Sean Punch aka Dr. Kromm (born July 27, 1967) is a Canadian writer and game designer. He is the author of the Fourth Edition of the GURPS role-playing game. Before he turned to writing he was a student of particle physics.[1]

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After writing, editing, and contributing to dozens of books for GURPS, he took on the task of re-designing the entire rule system. He was assisted by David L. Pulver, another Canadian and veteran role-playing game designer. The original design for GURPS is by Steve Jackson.

Sean Punch is currently the Line Editor for GURPS. This is equivalent to being editor-in-chief of a book series, and the key decision-maker for new rules expansions.

He lives in Montréal, Québec.

In an attempt to acknowledge the quality and quantity of his work, some GURPS players have used his online nickname ("Kromm") to create a tongue-in-cheek cult.[2] They leave messages in discussion groups pretending to "praise Kromm."


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