At 1888 Holmes and Moriarty being alive causes Infinity to be extra careful in this reality. But the present of other characters such as Dr. Jekyll and Abraham van Helsing suggest that is not an echo of Sherlock-1. Their presence also suggests this reality may have superscience elements.

Williams-Khor HypothesisEdit

The discovery of this reality (seemingly an earlier version of Sherlock-1) helped spur the creation of the Williams-Khor Hypothesis in 2019 which says that these parallel worlds are psychic constructs created out the belief, hope, and fear of Homeliners.(IW 2) [1]


  1. The obvious counter theory is that realities similar these worlds already existed and were "seen" by people who used them as the basis for stories of their own. Because of its similarity to the explanation given in DC's original The Flash #123 (1961) this alternative can be called the Flash of Insight Theory.