Shikaku-Mon Map

Shikaku-Mon world map

Shikaku-Mon, 2027
Current Affairs
The balance of a cyberpunk world shifts between four great powers: the Japanese Empire, the Swedish Empire, the Empire of Brazil, and the Kingdom of France.
Divergence Point
1497; the son of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain survives to become King John III, weakening the Habsburgs and causing Portugal to focus its attention overseas on Brazil and missionary activities in Japan. As a consequence, Japan converts to Christianity, never turns away from the gun, and begins expanding in the 1590s.

Major Civilizations

Japanese-Western (empire), Western (multipolar).
Great Powers

Japanese Empire (oligarchy, CR4 in Home Islands, CR3 elsewhere), Swedish Empire (technocratic oligarchy, CR6), Empire of Brazil (corporate state, CR1), Kingdom of France (dictatorship, CR4).

Worldline Data
Tech Level TL: 8 (aerospace and electronics, TL9)
Mana Level No Mana
Quantum 3
Infinity Class Z3
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

AE71-89, IW146-148, PYR