B421 mentions:

Limb (arm, leg, wing, striker, or prehensile tail): Injury over HP/2.

GURPS Martial Arts 116 mentions they can Sweep.

Aiming StrikersEdit

In early days it was a -1 to cost per -1 to DX to aim, effectively creating free strikers. The change to the limitation system in later editions fixed this.



KrommEdit says weight is ST/10 in 2012

Strikers do not function as arms.¹ They're effectively weapons that don't take damage. That's a gross simplification, but it's how they work. An upshot of this is that attacks with Strikers don't hurt the user. This includes slams – and as B372 says for shield rushes and p. 122 of Martial Arts says for slams with weapons, when you use a weapon to slam, it takes the damage for you. Since Strikers can't be damaged . . . it's always safe to slam with one.²

OtherEdit Toptomcat does good analysis of drawbacks of Limb, Shin