Cost: 5, 6, 7, or 8 points

Striker is an exotic physical advantage where you have a body part that you can use to strike an aimed blow, but not to manipulate objects or walk on.

Enhancements: Long (+100% or +75% per +1 to SM) Limitations: Cannot Parry (-40%), Clumsy (-20% per -1 to hit), Limited Arc (-40%), Weak (-50%).



B421 mentions:

Limb (arm, leg, wing, striker, or prehensile tail): Injury over HP/2.

Martial ArtsEdit

GURPS Martial Arts 116 mentions they can Sweep.


"add Sorcery Talent to DX or skill before halving it to determine Parry" is mentioned for Iron Arm in GURPS Sorcery: Protection and Warning Spells. This was never addressed on page 78 of GURPS Powers which skipped from Stretching to Striking ST.


for other advantages

Aiming StrikersEdit

In early days it was a -1 to cost per -1 to DX to aim, effectively creating free strikers. The change to the limitation system in later editions fixed this.



KrommEdit says weight is ST/10 in 2012

Strikers do not function as arms.¹ They're effectively weapons that don't take damage. That's a gross simplification, but it's how they work. An upshot of this is that attacks with Strikers don't hurt the user. This includes slams – and as B372 says for shield rushes and p. 122 of Martial Arts says for slams with weapons, when you use a weapon to slam, it takes the damage for you. Since Strikers can't be damaged . . . it's always safe to slam with one.²

OtherEdit Toptomcat does good analysis of drawbacks of Limb, Shin