Chinks are referenced in B400's Targeting Chinks in Armor rules. It does not bypass DR but rather functions as a DR divisor at a certain penalty.


GURPS Low-Tech:

  • 56 (Estoc) and 60 (Pick) and 61 (Rondel Dagger) and 62 (Stiletto) and 71 (property 4, used on Katar 67 and Warhammer 70) remove a -2 penalty, making it -6 for torso and -8 for other places (which actually makes it easier to hit the eyes, usually only -9). Stabbing-only knives with this property are called Miséricorde (59)
  • 101 "Flexible armor lacks chinks" (good on Tough Skin, skull would lack, maybe should not be Flexible though)
  • 109 Sliding Rivets

Low-Tech Companion 2

  • 25 "Damage to Armor" rules reduce penalty to hit chinks by -1 at 1/3 HP


GURPS Psionic Powers 23

astral armor does not usually have chinks

Page 26's breakdown does not include Flexible though, implying the DR advantage doesn't have chinks...

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