in 3e Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game it was worth 1/2 if it was FP instead of HP which could not come back.



March 2007 says that Unhealing prevents Reattachment for Independent Body Parts


April 2005 with spinoff thread

There's already a precedent set in GURPS that FP only is worth -50% on a disad, so I'd stick with that. -15 for Total and -10 for Partial. For the name, I'd honestly just stick with Unhealing (FP only, -50%), but I'm unromantic like that.


suggests FP instead is 0%, FP also is +100%, similar to Regeneration. This also came up in a 2013 post

Vicky molokhEdit

August 2007

Since 'No FP score' feature doesn't affect the ER, Unhealing should not affect VR. That's from the simplistic logic PoV. Though that seems munchkiny.

deleted threadEdit

There was a 2017 thread discussing it

The mods deleted it. Or perhaps hid it.