United States of Lizardia, 1991
Current Affairs
On a world without the Cretaceous meteor strike, dinosaur democracy faces new challenges.
Divergence Point
65 million years ago; there is no Chicxulub meteor strike, so some dinosaurs continue to evolve and adapt to changing weather conditions rather than die out.

Major Civilizations

Saurian, unknown varieties
Great Powers

Substantially identical to those of Homeline, circa 1991: the United States is the world’s superpower, watching in apprehensive satisfaction as the Soviet Union falls apart.

Worldline Data
Tech Level (0+8) (odd blend of acoustics, biotech, and fluidics)
Mana Level Low
Quantum 4
Infinity Class P4
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

A world generally similar to early 21st century Earth, but inhabited by Lizard Men. TT93, IW148-149