The GURPS China supplement suggests the following worlds

GURPS China details a number of time periods. Each of these periods could be used with a historical, realistic fantasy or cinematic lens

Prehistoric Page 56-57

The Time of Ancients Page 57

Three Kings and Five Emperors Page 57-59

Hsia Page 60-61

Shang Page 61

Chou Page 61-64

Spring & Autumn Page 64

Contending Kingdoms Page 65-68

Wei Pages 69-76

Han Pages 76-79

Three Kingdoms 80-82

Sui 82-84

T'ang 84-86

Sung 86-88

10 Kingdoms, 5 Dynasties 87-88

Mongol 89-91

Ming 91-93

Manchu 93-94

Time of Troubles 95-100

East in Red 100-106

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