This supplement mixes actual unusual technologies, near misses and fantasy. The techs can be grouped as follows. The turn this into a world, you can select 1 technology and assume it had an effect on the world.

Classical: Philoctestes' Bow, Poison Clothing, Reflective Heat Rays, Anti-Ship Claw, Air Gun, Cheap Sword, Sica, Horned Helmets, Rutway, Hit Air Balloon, Personal Wings, Naval Siege Towers, Paddle Wheeler, Electrical Battery, Pyramid Power, Sound Levitation, Analog Computer, Automated Tripod, Moving Platform, Bronze Android, Azzalum, Orichalcum, Flexible Glass, Aluminum, Astrology, Escoteric Medicine, Gunpowder, Germ Theory

Medieval: Francisca, Kukri, Cheap Sword, Katana, Longbow, Leather Cloak, Horned Helmets, Hot Air Balloon, Glliding Cloak, Personal Wings, Steam Engine, Castle Clock, Automated Mannequin, Bonian Stone, Incombustible Oil, Alchemy, Astrology, Escoteric Medicine, Gunpowder

Renaissance: Counterweight Naval Mine, Air Gun, Steam Cannon, Multi-Barrel Artillery, Kukri, Ris, Katana, Longbow, Zanbato, , Zweihander, Air Rifle, Combination Weapons. Superheavy Plate, Gothic Plate, Linen Armor, Leather Cloak, Rutway, Land Sailing, Spring-Powered Car, Leonardo Tank, Di Giorgio Tank, Hot Air Balloon, Glding Cloak, Parachute, Personal Wings, Ornithopter, Helicopter, Steam Engine, Calculator, Automated Mannequin, Incombustible Oil, Ninja Gear, Alchemy, Astrology, Escoteric Medicine, Grappling Catapult, Horse Cannon, Spiral Elevator

Early Modern: Multi-Barrel Artillery, Fossil Oosik, Macualhiutil, Kukri, Kris,Katana, Air Rifle, Combination Weapons, Linen Armor, Land Sailing, Dew Booth, Submarine, Steam Pump, Perpetual Motion Machin, Floral Clock

Mythic India: Vimanas

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